The Language Training at the Workplace program enhances the language skills of newcomers to Canada at work and facilitates newcomers’ successful integration.

Funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Language Training at the Workplace (LTW) offers job specific language training to employees who are in need of English as a Second Language based on the request of the employer. Training is provided on or off the employer's site and is customized to the company’s business needs. Employers select the topics and language functions that are most suitable for their business environment. Flexible class schedules can be arranged to accommodate employees' work hours.

Participating employers enhance employee job performance and trainability by providing employees with an opportunity to improve their English in a business environment at no cost to the employer or the employee. Certified Instructors are available to provide 30 hours of English language instruction at the convenience of the employer and at their workplace.

English language instruction, materials and curriculum are customized to the workplace communication needs of the participating employer such as work related terminology; business and workplace communication; company policies and procedures; and workplace culture.

All employees who speak English as a second language can potentially benefit from LTW. Employees with limited English language ability can develop their language skills to fulfill basic communication needs at work. Employees in leadership and management roles can enhance the effectiveness of their communication and project a professional image by refining their language skills. Employees can also strengthen their language skills in specific areas such as pronunciation or writing. Apart from the employees, the company benefits from improved communication and productivity in the long run.

Who is Eligible for Language Training in the Workplace?

Language Training at the Workplace is offered at no cost to the employer, or employees who are Permanent Residents or Convention Refugees.

How to Enroll

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