What is OSLT?

Funded by the Government of Canada, thirteen colleges across Ontario offer occupation-specific language training courses for newcomers to help them develop language and communication skills needed to:

  • understand workplace culture in their occupation and sector
  • interact effectively with their colleagues, clients and supervisors
  • give and receive information by email and telephone
  • interview and network effectively.

Participants gain practical workplace communication skills through practicing authentic dialogue and communication tasks commonly performed on the job in their sector.

Who is Eligible for OSLT?

OSLT is offered at Ontario colleges at no cost to newcomers who:

  • have training or experience in a specific occupation or sector but need to improve their occupation-specific communication skills.
  • have language proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels 6 to 8 in at least one language skill area or Niveaux de comp√©tence linguistique canadiens of 6 to 8 for courses taught in French.
  • are permanent residents or protected persons.

Occupation-specific language training courses are available for the following employment sectors and occupations.

Business Accounting Personnel
Hospitality Worker
Health Sciences Dental Hygienist
  Medical Radiation Technologist
Personal Support Worker
Sleep Technologist
Human Services Early Childhood Educator
  Policing Occupations
Security Occupations
Construction Bricklayer
Motive Power  Automotive Service Technician
  Truck and Coach Technician
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
Technology Architectural Technologist and Technician
Engineering Technologist and Technician
  • Mechanical
  • Industrial Engineering and
  • Electrical and Electronics
  Environmental Technologist and Technician
IT Personnel

Practical, Flexible and Accessible Learning

These occupation-specific language training courses take place at college campuses and workplaces and are offered part-time and full-time. The courses are approximately 180 hours in length.

To contact the college(s) in your region to find out more about OSLT go to www.co-oslt.org.

How to Enrol

Newcomers who meet the above criteria can directly contact the college offering the OSLT class that you are interested in. To find out more about OSLT classes offered in your community, click here.

Before enrolment, you must also take a free English language test at an Assessment Centre located in your community to find out your current level of English language skills or CLB Level. Find out more about Assessment Centres in your community.


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